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	Black And White 2 + Black And White 2 - Battle Of The Gods

Black And White 2

Black And White 2 - Battle Of The Gods

System Requirements (for both game and expansion);
	OS: Windows XP, 2k
	    (not listed but most likely will run on; Windows Vista, Win7 and Win8)
	CPU: 1.6GHz
	RAM: 512MB
	HDD: 3.5GB
	Video: DirectX 9.0C Compatible
	Sound: DirectX 9.0C Compatible
	Graphics: 64MB Video RAM and support Pixel Shader v1.1
	Supported Chipsets: Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti series, GeForce FX series, 6200 or greater.
			    ATI Radeon 8500, 9100, 9200 series or greater, X300 or greater.

I have downloaded and converted the following files into .iso formats. These files are exact matches to the discs, MD5 CheckSum. Now you may burn the disc images as a working cd copy if you like.

I have also included both the 'BW2v1.1exe' and 'BW2v1.2.exe' official patches.

Original uploader of files by 'Dark_Downloader'. Thank you for the upload.

Original torrent	 | My torrent
BW2 BOTG.mdf	783.05MB | BW2 BOTG.iso		655.1MB
BW2 BOTG.mds	2.99KB
BW2_DISC1.mdf	783.05MB | BW2_DISC1.iso	655.1MB
BW2_DISC1.mds	2.99KB
BW2_DISC2.mdf	776.76MB | BW2_DISC2.iso	649.8MB
BW2_DISC2.mds	494b
BW2_DISC3.mdf	776.76MB | BW2_DISC3.iso	649.8MB
BW2_DISC3.mds	494b
BW2_DISC4.mdf	648.02MB | BW2_DISC4.iso	542.1MB
BW2_DISC4.mds	494b
	total: 3767.64MB | 		total: 3151.9MB

This torrent created by Zack Zeals.
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