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Create your own autoboot Basic tapes
Build it yourself: A versatile graT)hics stylus
doo Complete map to guide you through Planetfall
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Bucks: Microdealer int. 0908 74000
Cheshire: 21st Software Ltd. 0625 528885
Devon: C&F Associates 02373 619
West Yorkshire: R&R Distribution 0977 795544
Kent: S.D.L. 01-309 0300
V.V. Software
Can you take your team
through to the Final?
Teleprinter Text, with full commentary on all games that
you play
Day to day results - up to date group tables
Select your own team. Choose from 24 teams to
manage. Scout reports on opposing teams:
Choose tactics to combat your opponents
As seen at the Hammersmith Show
OR £10.99 + 20p P&P FOR DISK VERSION
Also ova/table from Software Express and other good software houses
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"SIN. Services & Software" 9 Chiswick Walk, Chelmsley Wood, B'Ham B37 6TA (Allow 14 days for delivery)
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All the latest news from the ever-changing Atari world.
Now you can have a pop-up calculator on your 8 bit Atari, just
like the one you see on the ST.
Five Liners 1 4
More of your f25-winning programs, including a great routine to
give a new use to the Console keys.
Reviews 1 9
Our Star Game this month is the long awaited Spindizzy, and we
also look at Green Beret, Space Lobsters, Master Chess, Who
Dares Wins II and Winter Games.
Vol. 3 No. 1 May 1987
Managing Editor:
Derek Meakin
Features Editor:
Andre Willey
Production Editor:
Peter Glover
Autorun 2 3
The second part of this much-requested series gives you a
routine to create your own autoboot Basic tapes.
Character Editor 2 8
Part two of Stephen Williamson's three part Advanced Character
Set Editor gives you Load and Save routines to help you use
your character sets from Basic.
Art Editor:
Heather Sheldrick
Reviews Editor:
Christopher Payne
News Editor:
Mike Cowley
Advertisement Manager:
Tony Nowell
Advertising Sales:
John Snowden
Birthday competition 3 2
Help celebrate our second birthday — and for 385 lucky readers
there's more than 13,000 in prizes!
Gadgets 3 4
Len Golding creates a graphic aid that will allow you to trace
drawings onto the computer screen.
Editorial: 061-456 8383
Administration: 061-456 8383
Advertising. 061-456 8500
Subscriptions: 061-480 0171
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Telex : 265871 MONREI G
Quoting Ref, 72 MAG001
Prestel Mailbox: 614568383
Player Missiles 3 8
With this clever little machine code routine you can move your
Player Missile graphics around the screen by using simple X, Y
Published by:
Databas e Publications Ltd,
Europa House, 68 Chester Road,
Haz el Grove, Stockport SK7 5NY.
Mailbag 4 1
Letters galore on all aspects of Atari computing, plus more of
your own hints and tips to help other readers.
Index 4 7
A complete index of every feature from the first two years of
Atari User.
33573 January-June. 1886
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utions accepted for publication by Database
Publications Ltd will be on an all-rights
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material may be reproduced in whole or in
part without writen permission While every
care is taken, the publishers cannot be held
legally responsible for any errors in articles,
lis tings , or advertisements.
"Atari User" is an independent publication
and Atari Corp (UK) Ltd are not responsible
tor any of the articles they contain or for an y
of the opinions expressed.
News trade distribution: Europress Sales
and Distribution Limited, Unit 1, Burgess
Road, Ivyhouse Lane, Hastings, East Sussex
TN35 4NR. Tel: 0424 430422.
Adventuring 5 1
Brillig previews a couple of exciting new games, and lends a
helping hand to those who can't find their way through the
futuristic adventure, Planetfall.
FULL and part-time writers are urgently needed by Database
Publications, publishers of Atari User and its companion, Atari ST
User. If YOU know the Atari or Atari ST inside out, can express
your ideas on paper — and want to become part of the exciting
future that lies ahead for Atari machines, then write now to: The
Managing Editor, 68 Chester Road, Hazel Grove, Stockport SK7
5NY. Please include your phone number.
May 1987 ATARI USER 3
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Stan date
Dat e
AT 5
Atari is wooing
software houses
hits the
ATARI's new good neigh-
bours policy towards support
companies is already paying
dividends. Software house
representatives are now
visiting Atari UK head-
quarters at the rate of two or
three a day.
And the result, says man-
ager of software marketing
Roland Whitehouse, is great
"We are showing that we
want to keep up with new
releases", he said.
He is receiving assurances
that there will be plenty of
software for the 8 bit and
especially for the 65XE games
"What is really encour-
aging is that there is an
increasing number of fi rms
committing themselves to
producing cartidges for the
new games machine", said
The software house
response confirms the com-
pany's belief that a major
revival in the video console
sector will happen this year.
A company spokesman told
Atari User: "We believe the
average age of prospective
buyers is getting younger.
"This means there are a lot
of under-tens out there who
aren't really ready for a
proper micro but are keen to
get their hands on a games
"And it doesn't hurt Atari's
prospects that we already
have a games software range
that it second to none."
Atari originally estimated it
would sell 150,000 8 bit com-
puters and games consoles in
But this fi gure had to be
revised when advance orders
for 70,000 units were placed
within the first few weeks of
the year.
Now the company is talking
about selling at least 200,000
— and possible a quarter of a
million — games machines in
A BUSINESS software pack-
age has achieved a world first
by storming its way into the
all-important Gallup Top 40
chart on the eve of its launch
for the Atari 8 bit range.
Mini Offi ce II, the award
winning title from Database
Software (061-429 8008),
entered the best-selling list at
number 25.
The chart is considered the
most significant of all on the
UK software scene because it
includes all machine formats.
And what is even more
surprising about Mini Office
ll's most recent success is
that it had to compete against
games costing as little as
Not that this is the first dis-
tinction to be achieved by the
package. Far from it.
Launched in October, 1984,
the original Mini Office was
the fi nalist in two categories
of the British Microcomputing
Awards — the Oscars of the
The fi rst version for the
BBC Micro also displaced
games to reach the Top Ten
for that machine.
Mini Offi ce version one
went on to win national
acclaim for being ahead of its
time in that it was the fi rst
professionally written low-
cost business package. At just
£5.95 on cassette for the BBC
Micro, the price tag was con-
sidered revolutionary as its
nearest competitor cost
several hundred pounds.
Its much enhanced
successor, Mini Office II, took
26 man years programming
and contains six modules —
word processor, database,
spreadsheet, graphics, label
printer and communications.
Mini Offi ce II is priced at
£19.95 on disc for the Atari 8
bit range.
Losing its
. .
MAGIC is old hat says text
adventure specialist Robico.
The company is looking for
new writers on the Atari 8 bit
but, says software manager
Rob O'Leary: "We are not too
keen on magic adventures
any more — unless they are
really original".
He explained that the fi rm
has a very good freelance
programmer doing conver-
sions to the Atari, so that only
originals were needed.
"What we are looking for is
finished or part finished pro-
grams which we will market,
We would evaluate them and
even if the programming is
not brilliant we can work on
He said most Robico (0443
227354) adventures had more
than 200 locations, which was
why graphics had never fea-
tured highly, though they
were not out of the question.
O'Leary said that they were
hoping to get more disc-
based adventures for the
A Mole in the micro
THE latest Adrian Mole series
on Thames Television forms
the basis of a new Virgin
Games release for the Atari 8
bit machines.
It is the sequel to The
Secret Diary of Adrian Mole
which was produced by Level
9 and Mosaic Publishing.
The Growing Pains of
Adrian Mole comes from the
same joint source, but is
being marketed by Virgin.
Cassette price £9.95.
May 1987 ATARI USER 5
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