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<]# May 2012
2012 EPN 40th anniversary
52 Executive Interview
Dave Bell, CEO Intersil, remembers
Special reports
18 Home Networking
24 Power Management
Design Application
50 Hungary’s satellite project
Existing DECT handsets and
basestations can be used by
the COSIC ULC from Lantiq for
short-range wireless network
connectivity around the home.
Page 22
An adjustable current limit in
Linear Technology’s LTM8026
regulator is accurate to ±10%,
allowing designers to set the
maximum power to prevent
input voltage droop.
Page 28
Interoperability and
standards open doors
P AGE 18
One of the two devices for
dual battery control from Lapis
Semiconductor protects the
primary battery by preventing the
flow of generated current from a
solar panel.
Page 44
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Trade in and
save 15%
on selected Tektronix function
generators & oscilloscopes
Now is the perfect time to refresh your test equipment with the latest generation of
industry-leading Tektronix products designed to deliver impeccable performance
every time. For a limited time, you can trade-in any brand of working oscilloscope,
signal generator or frequency/counter timer for a new Tektronix model and save 15%.
Ofer ends 31 May 2012.
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[51] Win one of ive starter kits for the Gecko
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[18] Special report: Home Networking
Antoine Duarte
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Sylvie Jalin
[54] Texas Instrument offers two readers the
chance to win a multi-DC/DC colour LED kit
[24] Special report: Power Management
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design application
next editions
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[50] Hungary’s satellite has sent back its irst
photographs from space so it is timely that this
month’s Design Application provides an insight
into the design and development of the MaSat-1
In next month’s issue, there will be an Industrial
Automation feature and a Switches & Relay
In the July issue, there will be an Optoelectronics
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[52] Executive Interview
Dave Bell, CEO Intersil, remembers 1972
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EPN ISSUE N° 05 – May 2012 3
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Garnering the power
of GaN
Recent analysis indicates that GaN, or Gallium Nitride, is an impressive emerging market. IMS Research
forecasts that the market will grow from almost zero last year to over $1billion in 2012. The three main
drivers for this growth, according to the analyst firm, will be its use in power supplies, PV inverters and
industrial motor drives. There is also a lot of interest in GaN for hybrid electric vehicles, where they can
save costs by sharing the car’s internal combustion engine.
By Caroline
GaN power devices offer a similar performance to SiC (silicon carbide) ones, but has the potential for cost
savings, as they can be grown on a larger, less expensive silicon substrate. This should bring prices and
performance of GaN products close to those of silicon MOSFETs, IGBTs or rectifiers.
GaN is used in LEDs, when InGaN (Indium GaN) is grown on a GaN buffer on a sapphire or silicon
carbide substrate. The low sensitivity to ionising radiation and its high heat capacity creates possibilities
for its use in photovoltaic devices, where its microstructure allows the optical path to be lengthened to
trap more light.
The obvious question is why aren’t there more GaN devices in use? In 2010, International Rectifier
introduced a GaN Schottky diode, but only a handful of companies are subsequently developing GaN
products. One of the reasons for this slow up-take is that GaN can be unstable, with a risk of pressure
explosions and controllability problems during dry etching.
However, a partnership of a French and a Japanese company, and a Polish company have both released
news that is making GaN headlines and renewing interest in the process.
The first news is that a new source of GaN wafers is available as the French company Soitec and
Japanese company, Sumitomo Electric Industries will jointly produce 6inch wafers. Since 2010, the two
have jointly researched and developed 2inch, then 4inch wafers.
The second news is that a Polish company, Ammono, is to enter the GaN supply chain. It expects to
produce small wafers, about one sixth the diameter of standard silicon wafers, which is the dominant size
for making violet lasers. As well as increase in supply, the company expects to produce cost-effective GaN
crystals, which can equally be used in diodes and transistors to convert battery power for hybrid electric
GaN looks like it is teetering on the brink of great things. If the R&D continues to solve reliability and
safety issues to create a steady supply, it looks set to realise its potential.
May 2012 – EPN ISSUE N° 05
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Securing Energy
Proven security solutions protect the grid’s endpoints
Attacks to the smart grid can occur from any point on the network. From stealing electricity and customer data to threatening
critical assets, cyber criminals can deploy threats to the grid miles from the control room.
Maxim’s Newport smart meter development platform protects the endpoints of the grid with advanced cryptography,
physical-attack-detection technology, and sensitive data protection so the action doesn’t stop.
Proven Security
• Accelerators support asymmetric schemes including RSA, DSA,
and elliptic curve
Get Started with Built-In Security
• True hardware random number generation generates stronger
challenges and keys
• Tamper inputs detect physical attacks
• Built-in IP protection for supply chain and manufacturing process
Newport Development Platform
Free whitepaper: “Securing Smart Meters.”
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All other company names may be trade names or trademarks of their respective owners.
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