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My name is Sean Colman and I enjoy outsourcing so I have plenty of spare time to work on
other income streams. I like to keep things simple and when buying a product, I love to see
proof and an easy to follow blueprint so things are not too complicated.
In this guide I will show you my complete outsourcing process, a case study site as proof, as
well as the blueprint that I give my employees.
I also show you options if you like to do the work yourself, but I definitely recommend
outsourcing to speed up the process with both site building and SEO.
Do not worry, this is nothing blackhat when getting your sites to page 1, it is not some
Google algorithm "loophole"and Google has not slapped the site I will show as a case study.
Not much to explain here. I found the keyword by seeing a similar site on Flippa.com, then
doing some research on the niche at Amazon.com.
At the moment it is an Adsense only site, but there is the option of using Amazon or other
affiliate programs.
1. Finding Your Keywords (Page 4)
- Outsource
- Research Yourself
-How To Get Ideas For Keywords
2. Finding Your Domain (Page 9)
- Aged Domains
- Brand New Domains
3. Getting Website Built (Page 17)
- Paid or Free Template?
- Hosting
4. Plugins & Wordpress Settings (Page 19)
- Plugins List
- Wordpress SEO Settings
5. Adding Content (Article SEO) (Page 22)
- Article Wrtiters
- Article SEO Setup
6. Google Page 1 Time (Page 26)
- SEO Services
- Adsense Inspiration
7. FAQ (Page 32)
8. THE END (Page 33)
- Bonus Service Tested (Great Results!!)
1. Finding Your Keywords
I will keep it simple. I like to outsource keyword research so I use a piece of software called
Long Tail Pro and pass it on to my Odesk workers.
In the beginning I did use Google Keyword Tool and then Market Samurai which obviously
takes up your own time.
This is why I have only included little details on use of the two as I think it is better to
eventually outsource almost every step of your website asset building.
Outsource Method 1:
Derek can be found on the Warrior forum and is great for niche keyword research. He uses
Market Samurai and breaks down a great detailed report when you purchase the Gold
All you have to do is tell him your niche, or if you have a current site he can find more
keywords to target for that site.
He shows you the exact match searches per day and SEO competition. The report I go
straight to is the keywords he recommends, then off to find a domain.
Now this maybe expensive for you, but the quality of work is 5 star, it will save you a lot of
time even if you already have Market Samurai or other research software.
He also has cheaper options that may suit your needs
Rating 4/5
Outsource Method 2:
Fiverr is pretty straight forward. User sunny_saxena will find you a fairly good keyword to
target and is beginning to fulfil more orders.
964476062.006.png 964476062.007.png 964476062.001.png
This is the cheap way to begin if you have less cash, and there are many more Fiverr gigs you
can experiment with.
After using Derek though, this does not compare.
Rating 3/5
Your Own Research: Long Tail Pro
If you want to keep your costs low, than this is it. I have been using Long Tail Pro and it is
awesome. Much faster than Market Samurai, and the owner at nichepursuits.com knows
what he is doing.
I recommend this software if you want to get stuck and find keywords ASAP!
Software Rating: 5/5
*Before you jump in and purchase, search the warrior forum for keyword software. You may
find another software you would like better and for a cheaper starting cost!
Your Own Research: Google Keyword Tool
The easiest and cheapest way to get started. If you are going to do this completely free, use
the Google keyword tool. Make sure you have an account login so you can access all results.
I like to search "Exact Match", Locations: "All" so make sure have those options checked. If
you are building Adsense sites, make sure the CPC (Cost Per Click) column is showing. You
can see all options highlighted in the image above.
The other problem here is that you have to research the competition manually. I like to
check the first 2 pages, and see if my main keyword can found in the heading.
964476062.002.png 964476062.003.png
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