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First of all, I thank you for putting your trust in me and I am positive that
you profit from this report.
“The Last Money Report” is all about the best courses that have worked for
my students and me alike. You may have read some of them but perhaps
you didn’t know they were important and you just ignored them. In my
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opinion, no single course or blueprint has all the information necessary for
making a money making site and that is why I have tried my best to cover
those things that were missing in a course.
Now, you may be wondering why I want to share these secrets with you. I
have several reasons:
1. I like to help people because it gives me immense happiness.
2. I have nothing to lose if I share with you the courses that can really
make you money. Let me elaborate it, if you make money, how can
you harm me, can you take my family from me? Nothing could be
worse than that. So why should I be hesitant to share with you even
if it is the biggest secret of making money online.
3. And I sincerely don’t want anybody to get scammed by the people
who launch $37 products on Clickbank daily. Big claims but they
rarely ever work and most NEVER will. Just try to avoid being
Enough said. Let’s move on to what I am going to recommend you.
Everything mentioned below can be found in the forum (all the courses).
Before I move on, I would like to let you know how you can best utilize this
report. First of all, just give this report a brief read, and then I want you to
download all the stuff I recommend, after that, watch (and read) all the
courses in the same order as presented in this report. Once you have read
and watched all the courses, read this report with a focused mind and
that’s it.
You must DOWNLOAD the following courses and resources:
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Let me tell you how you should read these courses and what kind of
strategies you need to make.
Elite Niche Research
Open your mind before you watch this course. Never ever get obsessed
with the methods present in a course. Think about possibilities. I am telling
you this because by the end of this report, you will learn how important it is
to open the canvas of your mind.
With Elite Niche Research, you should and will learn how to locate a
profitable market and a product to promote. Don’t follow how they do
keyword research (in fact, they don’t and we will cover that part later)
instead focus how they discover profitable markets and products. Market
research is different from keyword research. For example, health is a very
big market, but dental health is a niche (a subcategory of the whole health
area), now what if we split down this niche further, we get teeth whitening,
bad breath, gum diseases etc. We perform keyword research within the
NICHE, not within a market.
Now Elite Niche Research will tell you how to locate a market, a niche and a
product. You don’t need to care much about their keyword research part.
I also want to tell you about a particular scenario. Let me give you an
example; there is a good product with lot of positive reviews on Amazon
and that is Samsung LED TV 35XCT (just a fictitious product name), now
with Elite Niche Research, you have come to discover this product. But you
can’t use this as your main keyword (as it has a brand name – though you
can use it in url but you can’t buy domain that has the word Samsung in it),
so what you do is, you apply the Google Slicer method of keyword research
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and as a seed keyword, you can put “LED TV” in your keyword tool that may
give you keywords like best led tv, led tv reviews etc.
As you can see from the example above, what you need to keep in your
mind is, that you choose the product as taught in ENR but for keyword
research you use the strategy of Google Slicer.
Now, I am not discouraging you to use the product name (for example,
almost every Clickbank product names can be used as your main keyword
in the domain) but many a times, you will come across products which you
can’t use as your main keyword so you need to dig further and you do that
by Slicer keyword research method.
Never forget that the understanding of the market selection is very
important as it gives a solid foundation for our money site.
Three Different Models Of a Money Site
You can make three types of sites, Slicer sites (based on Goolge Slicer),
Physical Products Affiliate sites (based on Jan’s Amazon System and Rapid
Profit Formula) and Product Launch Sites (based on Vita Vee’s Zero To
Let’s talk about each model:
1. Google Slicer MODEL
This is almost a complete model on which you can make your site. This
course is ideal for beginners or newbies (who haven’t made any money yet
but please note that you still need to buy a domain and hosting).
After finishing this course, I want you to locate the market and niche from
your knowledge of Elite Niche Research but you WILL do keyword research
as the guy of Google Slicer is suggesting. THIS IS IMPORTANT. All your
keyword research must be done as Kayzee shows in his course. (Slicer
keyword research method applies to all the three models that means
whether you want to build a simple slicer site or a physical product affiliate
838598818.013.png 838598818.014.png 838598818.015.png 838598818.016.png
site or product launch site (though product launch model doesn’t
necessarily require any keyword research), you must do your keyword
research as done by Kayzee)
I also want to say that you can find a market or a product as shown by the
author of Google Slicer, but in my opinion sometimes those keywords may
not be profitable even if you hit the first page. But if you locate the product
or a market as shown in Elite Niche Research and then perform final
keyword research as Slicer guys says, you will be able to find profitable
Let’s say there are two keywords “buy proactive” and “how to cure acne”.
Now people who typed, “buy proactive” are the people that are at the
verge of buying this product but people who typed “how to cure acne” just
want to know what they should do to cure acne. For the later group of
people, you need to do preselling like Hey, thanks for visiting my site, I was
damn ugly due to acne but now I am not, I used a product called Proactive
and my acne got cured (you get the idea of preselling). Now, Google Slicer
guy has a good chapter on persona building and I think that can boost the
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