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First Printing, February 1980
Second Printing, May 1980
and Statistical Manual
of Mental Disorders
(Third Edition)
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Library of Congress Catalogue Number 79-055868
Copyright © The American Psychiatric Association, 1980
All rights reserved. No part of this book may
be reproduced in any form without permission
in writing from the American Psychiatric
Association, except by a reviewer who may
quote brief passages in a review to be
published in a journal, magazine, or news-
paper. Correspondence regarding copyright
should be directed to the Division of
Public Affairs, American Psychiatric Associa-
tion, 1700 18th Street, N.W., Washington,
D.C. 20009.
This manual was prepared with the help of many people. Special thanks are
given to the members of the Task Force on Nomenclature and Statistics, the
various Advisory Committees and Other Consultants, and the members of the
Assembly Liaison Task Force on DSM-III and the Board of Trustees Ad Hoc
Committee on DSM-III. In addition, the work of the Field Trial participants,
who are listed in Appendix F, is gratefully appreciated.
The following members of the American Psychiatric Association provided
valuable help in arriving at creative solutions to difficult problems at various
stages in the development of DSM-III: Drs. Alan A. Stone, President, and
Chair, Board of Trustees; Donald G. Langsley, President-elect, and Chair, Ref-
erence Committee; Lester Grinspoon, Chair, Council on Research and Develop-
ment; Edward J. Sachar, DSM-III liaison from Council on Research and
Development; Melvin Sabshin, Medical Director; and Henry H. Work, Deputy
Medical Director and DSM-III staff liaison.
Janet B. W. Williams, M.S.W., was invaluable in coordinating the Field
Trials, in working with members of the Advisory Committees preparing sections
of DSM-III, and in integrating the extensive critiques of draft versions in the
preparation of the final manual. Harriet Ayers's skill in keeping track of a volu-
minous correspondence and in typing revision after revision is deeply appre-
A final word of thanks must be given to the many other participants in this
effort who have not received formal recognition, but who provided critiques and
suggestions that were helpful in the preparation of DSM-III.
Robert L. Spitzer, M.D.
Chairperson, Task Force on
Nomenclature and Statistics
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