how to download from chomikuj site Guide in EN.txt

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in this txt file i will show you how to download from site 

this quide is for all people who are speaking in english ,i propably will make this quide in germany language (but it will be harder for me and you)

I have the best english in my class/group in my school (high school) but my english is still not the best that english people have 
,so if in this txt you will find some spelling mistakes ,accept my apologies

but now: is a the best polish site for downloading ,i think its stupid that this site is only in PL language ,but its not my site BTW 

this site is SAFE !!! so you can can no longer fear and you can calmly send an SMS ,in this site i was download over one terabyte !!! and nothink weird happens !!! 

downloading games movies programs are against law ,but my files are legal (the most my files are legal ,but all MODS are legal )

let's get to the most important part of this guide:

the best way to downloading files is create a account (becouse if you have a account you can gather downloading points (transfer points) 

how to have a tranfer points: click on: ,,transferu" and click on ,,Do??adowanie jednorazowe" and use slider to choose gigabytes 
and if you choosen gigabytes you must choose method of Payment ,the best is SMS ,if you choose a SMS you need to write a SMS and send it 

remember to write a TRANSFER to increse tranfer points ,  (if you click on bottom: pobierz) 
to download one file if you receiven a SMS you have only 14 days to write it before code will be invalid

if you have tranfer points you can download files at once ,you will not able to download when the points will be exhausted

how to download single file (without account) choose the file which you want to download , click on blue arrow ,write SMS (write POBIERZ in SMS)
send SMS ,write a code and you can download the file! if you receiven a SMS you have only 14 days to write it before code will be invalid  

chomikuj supports only Mobile Networks: Plus GSM, T-Mobile, Orange, Play (i dont know what will happen if you will use different mobile network ,
i use PLUS mobile network and everythink is ok)

i hope everythink is clear but If you have any problems you can send me a messange on:

my youtube account:

chomikuj account:

facebook account:


steam account:

others advices: 

watchink movies : you can only watch first 10 minutes (if you want watch whole movie you must download whole movie) 

listening music: you can listen whole music file (you dont need to download music file to listen whole music file ) (but some music formats like: ogg cant be listen on chomikuj site)

reading TXT files (you can read whole file ,but if TXT file is very long you will not able to read it) (some formats cant be read on chomikuj site like: DOC-s ) 

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